Well know that trading in the stock market isn’t everyone’s cup of tea? If it were, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Besides, we also found that it requires proper knowledge, research and understanding of the market conditions to have a positive portfolio and a good quality laptop with Internet connectivity. We’ve listed down the Best Laptops for Stock Market Trading and their key features, plus the things to consider to help you choose the best one for you.

Number 4 :

Number 4 in our List of “Best Laptops for Stock Market Trading”, Lets look at Lenovo Y7000, which is of the Lenovo brand, which not only is ideal for stock trading but also for gaming. It is a 15.6 inch laptop compromising of a dedicated GTX 960 M graphics card. When it comes to build quality, the Lenovo Y 700 has its top and bottom covered by aluminum, and the rest of the body is made of plastic.

The PC has 16GB DDR, 4 GB Ram and Intel 10th Gen I7 processor, enabling a stock trader to do their work efficiently as the PC offers them a fast performance in terms of storage, you will benefit from its 512 gigabyte SSD for storing lots of data essential for stock trading.

More to say, it has an NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB GPU, which thus makes it a great PC. Also for designing as well as gaming. The PC is one of the best there is and it’s one of the best on my list and everything about said so far is enough to explain why it stands out. It’s worth the price tag, but there is a minor setback to keep in mind. Having such a complex and heavy working machine affects the battery.

As such, the powerful processing capability, high graphics, fuel storage, and the many things it has been able to make it work for 4.5 hours. However, the battery is durable and long lasting, and the PC comes with fast charging technology.

Number 3  :

Number 3 in our list of ” Best Laptops for Stock Market Trading” is Razor Blade Stealth.

The Razor Blade Stealth is an expensive machine, but one of the best for stock traders. Undoubtedly it has an Intel Core I7 processor running on 2.7 GHz power, which can be further boosted to 3.5 GHz.

The system will work smoothly, yet provide a powerful performance. This laptop has a 13 three inch touchscreen display, even though the screen is the perfect size of what you would go for. But the resolution isn’t the ideal option. It provides clear and brighter image quality on the screen with an incredible 16 gigabyte Ram and 512 gigabyte SSD storage memory. You can do wonders with this laptop.

Not only will your applications and trading software run smoothly, but also you can save thousands of files much faster than ever. Razor Blade Cells Just like other Razor Blade laptops is known for its durable and stylish structure. This laptop has everything it has been described as an incredible build quality and ultrasound body make it more favourable. Every trader would like to have a laptop that is stable and portable to be taken from place to place. It surely serves all the criteria.

This laptop is ultra slim as well as lightweight.

Number 2 :

Number 2 in our list of ” Best Laptops for Stock Market Trading” is Asus ZenBook 14

The Asus ZenBook 14 is an ultra slim laptop with a fantastic design known to be one of the best laptops for stock traders. With an eight Gen Intel Core I7 8565 U, you can expand it to 4.6 GHz for a powerful performance. This is yet another laptop with a full view display covering about 92% screen to body ratio. It has a 14 inch wide view, full HD four way Nano Edge bezel for you to enjoy every part of your device. This Asus laptop features 16GB Ram and 512 gigabyte massive storage memory.

It should be more than sufficient for your software to work smoothly. Moreover, it is ultra slim, having a width of only 0.6 inches. These laptops are a massive competition for Apple’s MacBook, since they are just as costly as these and with much better technology to look forward to being lightweight, compact and slim, this could work as your best companion to all your meetings and travel while you go out for trading purposes. This laptop has a little extra detail to your assistance. A three degree Ergo lift hinge lifts the keyboard for a better view and user experience.

With a military grade certificate, this machine has been tested for reliability and durability. It can work perfectly well in extremes of conditions, including extreme altitudes, temperatures and humidity. Another unique feature of this laptop is the number pad. The illuminated numbers appear on the touchpad with just one touch and go back. Likewise fantastic use of the touchpad.

Overall, it also has a built-in IR camera for facial recognition to sign in with Windows. Hello the battery life of approximately 14 hours is something you can vouch for long hours of work. Connectivity options include HDMI USB TypeC, Gigabit class, WiFi 802, AC, Bluetooth Five0 and microSD Card Reader. This laptop is not for the general public since it can be quite expensive. But if you’re OK with adding a few extra Bucks for a better investment, you should make the best choice.

Number 1:

Number 1 in our list ” Best Laptops for Stock Market Trading” is HP Spectre X 360.

The HP Spectre X 360 is an amazing addition to the laptop series by the company. It has been designed especially for the stock traders looking for a slim, portable and long battery life laptop for day trading work. It has a 1.8 GHz quadcore Intel Core I 7 8565 U processor that can be boosted to 4 GHz using the Intel Turbo Boost technology. The beautiful 13.3 inch diagonal FHD IPS Micro Edge backlit touchscreen display is everything you have been looking for in a laptop with exceptional clarity and colors.

Enjoy the full HD view on your laptop screen. It has been equipped with 16GB Ram and 512 gigabyte storage memory for fast data access. This laptop weighs only 2.93 Kg and can come in handy for all your travel needs. In fact, you can use it as a tablet with the HP Stylus Pen included with it. Moreover, experience the added security with the fingerprint unlock option.

It has a battery power that lasts up to 12 hours, enough for you to last the entire day of your work and even more. Along with the laptop. It comes installed with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. If your budget is good, you can opt for this laptop. You get three years of MacAfee Internet security to protect your system from all viruses.

The list of connectivity options include one micro SD Media card reader, external IO ports, one headphone microphone combo, two USB 3.1 Type C two USB 3. One Type C Gen, 2 Thunderbolt 3, and one USB 3 Port.

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