Bitcoin in the crypto market continues to follow the historical cycle pattern. Of course, there are some coins, that will continue to see some price action in the clutches of winter. Today we’re talking about My List of “Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 2022”.

Some crypto assets have use cases that just don’t hibernate in winter. These are the assets with real-world use cases that don’t just go away even though when bulls have fled.

Projects like these have use cases that will keep the heat on.

List of Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 2022:

Number Five: THETA

THETA is the kind of project that has everyday utility. The Data token is the governance token, which is supported by guardian nodes and enterprise validators such as Google, Binance, Gumi, and Samsung.

TFUEL is the utility token for decentralized video delivery that also doubles as a gas token.

Launched in 2017, THETA is a decentralized streaming platform. There are other competitors like BitTorrent and BitTube, but none have the level of development that THETA has.

THETA isn’t just video streaming, it’s going for the hottest segment and content delivery, live streaming.

Currently, video streaming is supported by content delivery networks that are geographically located and are paid by delivering streaming content to end-users

THETA has found a way to incentivize a global pool of users to offer spare bandwidth by rewarding them with THETA and TFUEL as compensation.

Staking THETA and TFUEL in Guardian nodes in earning rewards is the other less well-known reason that the price of THETA performed so well between January and May of this year.

Source : THETA

Staking THETA generates a decent APY and with the newly introduced TFUEL staking. That means that TFUEL that is gained from THETA staking can also be staked itself.

THETA has a minimum requirement of 1000 THETA to stake and TFUEL has a minimum of 10000.

These accumulation targets can increase and hold the price of these assets as users can accumulate and stake.

By incentivizing crypto holders to use their bandwidth to earn passive income.

THETA found a way to use computing power for higher quality streaming power without having to pay a third party.

It’s easy to see how THETA has use cases that supersedes the crypto market cycles. After all, video streaming is only getting started. There’s no doubt that we are going to need bandwidth and content delivery, and that is exactly what the THETA network has been able to tap into.

Chain-link and its token Link is another project that is sure to maintain traction in 2022 because it’s connected with a lot of big projects.

Below are the projects:

  • Google cloud for better access to cloud data.
  • Oracle to monetize APIs.
  • Dapps Inc for real-time data support for Salesforce users.
  • Reserve to bring data feeds to help the Reserve Stablecoin
  • Hedera Hashgraph to gain access to off-chain data for smart contracts.
  • IOST to foster dApps on the IOST network
  • Binance to share data with other blockchains.
  • Betprotocol to provide decentralized eSports.
  • Ethereum Classic to bring external data to ETC.
  • Chiliz to help sports clubs mint limited edition sports memorabilia tokens.

Chain-link is so useful because its function is to be a decentralized oracle network to provide safe inputs and outputs of information for smart contracts.

Chain-link oracles work on any blockchain by delivering information from the outside world and bringing it into a blockchain.

Source: Chainlink

Here’s how chain-link oracles work. When a smart contract on a blockchain requires information, sends out a request for information to chain-link, this information could be Weather information for a farming crop insurance smart contract or an update on asset price volatility.

The request is then registered as an event in the chain-link protocol and it creates a smart contract called the chain-link service level agreement contract or SLA to get this data. It then generates 3 subsequent contracts:

  • A reputation contract to check Oracle provider’s track record.
  • A chain-link oracle matching contract to deliver the contract request to the chain-link nodes and take bids on the request.
  • An aggregating contract that takes the data from the oracles and validates the result.

Chain-link nodes translate the request from real-world data sources, then it collects the data from the sources.

The collected data is then translated to blockchain programming language, sent back to the chain-link aggregating contract where the result is validated.

Chain-link is used by so many blockchains and is vital in so many partnerships that its use case goes beyond crypto market cycles.

This is why I believe Chain-link will be making moves in 2022.

Number 3: Celsius

Celsius is a token which has some serious staying power for being one of the 2022 top-performing assets.

Celsius or Cell is a utility token operating on the Ethereum platform and is native to the FinTech or financial technology space Celsius Network platform which, by the way, is an SEC-compliant lending platform that allows its users to deposit crypto assets or interest and or take out crypto collateralized loans.

The Celsius network aims to challenge conventional banking by making savings, lending and payments faster, easier, and more accessible.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 2022
Source : Celsius

Celsius returns 80% of its earnings to its users for rewards and better interest rates.

The way Celsius does this is they overcollateralize crypto lending in a process called rehypothecation, which means funds are lent to bigger investors such as hedge funds, who want exposure to crypto from a source they can trust.   

Celsius main advantage as a top topic for 2022 is the benefit of staking stable-coins for ready gains

Celsius platform accepts more than 35 tokens for staking, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Stablecoins such as USDT and DAI

Users who gain interest and sell tokens receive a 30% higher payout.

Celsius recently updated its backing to Fire blocks. A cybersecurity-focused platform that stores, transfers, and issues digital currency.

No matter how you guard your stack against the long winter, there’s no doubt they’re earning interest on coins, especially stable coins is a great way to make gains in the 2022 crypto market. Which is why Celcius in third on our list of Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 2022.

Number 2: Enjin

Enjin, the blockchain that is leading the pack in minting game items in the multiverse of gaming.

What’s the gaming multiverse?

Well, the gaming multiverse means that a game item can be brought from one game to another. The list of Enjin games is 42 titles long and includes Lost Relics, The Six Dragons, and Age of Rust.

Many of these games have Enjin while integration allows each player to manage their blockchain item inventory

Enjin has seen some sizable price action this year. That’s just proof of how well-positioned Enjin is in the market.

The launch of the EFINITY coin brought staking to Enjin coin, where users can stake engine tokens to receive EFINITY or EFI.

EFINITY was purpose-built on the Enjin network for NFTs.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 2022
Source : Enjin

EFINITY tokens are used to incentivize growing the Enjin ecosystem and will be the first-ever paratoken, which means soon It will be compatible with Polkadot.

When an NFT is minted, the Enjin contained in the NFT will automatically be staked earning the user EFI rewards

Enjin is levelling up what gamers can do with the multiverse and incentivizing gaming in new and attractive ways.

Enjin gaming applications will continue to thrive and will be one of my Favorites in the list of Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 2022.

Number 1: Elrond

Elrond, It is a super scalable proof of stake, smart contract blockchain that has network speeds that dwarf every other project in crypto fellowship.

Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 2022
Source: Elrond

Elrond staking pays an incredible 21.45% interest for staking. This makes it one of the most profitable staking programs out there.

There are millions of Chain specified Elrond ERD tokens on ERC-20 and BEP-2 Network that are yet to be swapped for eGold. This is normal according to Elrond Roadmap.

Elrond is going to be a great Contract Project and I have very high hopes for it.

They have a very strong partnership and their mobile wallet Maiar is very promising and is definitely one of the best staking wallets out there.

So these were the top pick for Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 2022.

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