In this blog, I want to outline some of the projects in Metaverse Crypto World and discuss on each of these main areas . We will see what potential they may have overall and look at our list of Top Metaverse Coin .

The Metaverse space is not overvalued in my opinion. Yes, there are going to be some spikes and FOMO buying into some projects, but if we go a bit deeper we can see some very undervalued projects even now and some cryptos that can launch technology that’ll be used in a massive space that is going to grow larger over the next few years.

There are different ways to invest in the Metaverse Crypto World.

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Scaling Protocols
  3. NFTs
  4. Play games to earn Coins
  5. Trading of Unique items in a game like in Axie Infinity.

The first way you can get into the Crypto Metaverse Coin world is by owning items within it, like land, and in-game items like NFTs. This is on the very far end of the risk curve, so to make money from a digital land investment you require the game, you buy and then will succeed over the next few years or at some point have a big hyper vent that you can flip into and sell out if that’s your goal.

Lets look at “Top Metaverse Coin” that can be future of Metaverse:

Number 1:

One of the first games to bring land sales to Crypto is the Decentraland.

Decentraland is built on Ethereum, but you can switch assets over to Polygon also for lower fees. Each land plot has been coordinated and the closer you are to fixed areas like roads and plazas, the more expensive the Land is.

Sandbox also has landed as gameplay and the graphics go, I kind of gravitate more towards this game and Sandbox has been around for a long time anyway, so it has a little bit of a head start.

The land is more expensive near portals which can transport you to different parts of the sandbox. Sandbox also has an in-game builder where anyone can build anything they want in the game that can then be owned as an NFT and then traded in the game.

If you’ve got some spare time to play and build items in the game and you’ve got some talent to put a business together, you could earn a living genuinely from making and selling in-game items and designs as NFTs.

Making in-game items isn’t an investment and is more like work. If you need to work, then why not just work in a new Metaverse with lots of new players who have a lot of Ethereum to be chucking around.

If you are into buying land and NFTs, you want to get in early in this play.

Number 2:

Bloktopia is also a part of this mix. It’s a much smaller game and it’s built on Polygon, so much cheaper fees and trading of the land plots. Bloktopia is set out like a 21 storied skyscraper, and it’s made of small land plots on each floor of that skyscraper .

They’ll have a plot trading portal coming very soon, so you can trade those land parcels.

Block tokens have just been listed on both KuCoin and OKEX and they’re doing very well right now in terms of price.

These have just launched and a lot of people try and get in early, especially with the Metaverse Hype right now.

There’s a massive spike in price which usually fades when the hype fades off, the price does fall. That’s where most long-term buyers might try and get in .

To buy land parcels, you do need those block tokens in Bloktopia. Hence the reason why we might be seeing a lot of interest in the token right now as more people move over and want to get in early on those land parcels.

Number 3:

Pavia is another place that you can use to enter top metaverse coins universe. This is built on Cardano and is one of the first of this type of game on the network.

Pavia is an extremely early stage like most things on Cardano, but surprisingly there’s already quite a lot of land bought up and a significant amount has been bought.

Cardano is outside the whole Ethereum metaverse space but has a huge community and as a network guarantees you very low and predictable fees.

As NFT trading goes, it’s way cheaper than Ethereum for right now, but also way more basic right now as well as Cardano as a blockchain is still very new.

Number 4:

The next way to profit from the Metaverse Coin world is through the way of game tokens . You buy them and flip them for a profit either by simply trading the tokens around events or holding them over the long term.

If you think that the game and game’s ecosystem will do well over the long term, or just by actually playing the game itself and earning some of those tokens in the game.

This comes in a few different forms, Axie Infinity is one such form, you can play and battle over other players and then earn in-game tokens like SLP to then go and create better axes.

Axie is the number one crypto play to earn game, and that means they have a head start when it comes to attracting more players but also attracting more investment to grow their offering over the long term. So if you think that will happen, then Axie itself is an investment in that play.

Axie as a game itself has some value, but the way it can grow from here, considering its already high market cap is if they develop more of a gaming ecosystem on their Ronin blockchain and keep more people flocking over time, not just to Axie but to other games in the system.

So going from just a game to a blockchain gaming ecosystem will take years of development overall. So if you think that will happen, definitely a long-term play.

Number 5 :

Another one on the list of Top Metaverse Coin is METAHERO. It plans to have big scanners that they transport around to different places in the world, and you’ll have a 3D scan of yourself or anything else that you want to be uploaded into the Metaverse without a doubt.

The biggest issue here for me is that if you want to see yourself in the Metaverse, you will need to physically take yourself to one of the locations, they plan to have a scanner, and this for me, limits how big and how fast this idea can grow. They do, however, plan to incentivize people to get scanned by giving $1,000 worth of Hero tokens to each person that goes through with it.

If the game is big enough, then it may have enough demand for people to get scanned, but only in big cities. So I just can’t see how this gets mass adoption in the way that social media has.

Number 6 :

A project that could have much wider adoption, though, is something like CEEK VR, which has exploded as it’s come to market now, with around a $1 billion valuation as of writing this blog, CEEK VR has its crypto token, but also has a hardware headset that you can buy from various retail tailors and then plug in to watch esports and concerts.

In virtual reality, artists can integrate digital items into the VR experience, and fans can buy and trade those items on the blockchain in VR.

At a tiny cost, which is as a concept and I believe this as part of the industry using NFTs, is going to be worth billions. It’s something that people are going to want to get into and having unique NFT items has value.

Whether CEEK VR itself is going to be the biggest player in Metaverse Coin when we have other competitors like Facebook or Meta remains to be seen.

Number 7:

The next way, though, that we can get exposure to the space is to invest in infrastructure that supports all the things that we’ve just talked about. This is the lowest down the risk curve, although I believe, it’s still considered risky to invest in something like Meta itself.

Well we’re in crypto and we want these big gains, so infrastructure comes in the form of crypto projects that allow for a lot of the trading and support for NFTs.

The Enjin Coin is the leader when it comes to helping game developers integrate with blockchains and Token standards. Enjin has recently doubled in price. Yes, Its a Metaverse premium. Enjin provides infrastructure and wallet support for many different blockchain games and this industry. I think, Enjin is going to more than 10X over time.

If Enjin can just be there helping these games, then they’ll win big and also be diversified in their own business. Even if the game flops, that’s not an Enjin and they’ll have many more other games that they’re still working with

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