Top Altcoins to Buy Now

In this Blog we are going over Top Altcoins to buy now but before that, we know Bitcoin is shattering records and revolutionizing the world and Ethereum has redefined how blockchain technology can be used.

Looking past these biggest coins, we find ourselves to a rush of newer coins that are untapped in crypto market.

The altcoins of the crypto world, which basically include coins besides the big coins. They represent the future potential of crypto currencies and they cannot be ignored.

There are over 7000 crypto coins out there, but I’ve done the research and this is my list of the 5 best coins to look into.

We’ll go over the charts , numbers and current news so that you can make an informed decision .


Our Top Altcoins to Buy Now :

  1. First in our list of “Top Altcoins to Buy Now”, we’re talking about is Avalanche.

Avalanche is a proof of stake crypto project that enables you to build your own decentralized applications and blockchains. The platform relies on the AVAX token as a means for consensus and for paying network fees.

Top Altcoins to Buy Now
Source : Avalanche

If we look at the chart below, we can see that just about one month ago we were paying about $70 per coin.

It shot pretty dramatically in the last two months, all the way to around $118 per coin, and since then it’s sort of levelled off a little bit.

Top Altcoins to Buy Now
Source : Tradingview

Avalanche is a blockchain based smart contracts platform that is considered to be the fastest in the industry, considering both its transactional throughput of 4500 transactions per second and transactional finality of less than two seconds, which is considerably faster than the biggest cryptos in the market.

For anyone that’s wondering, transactional finality is the amount of time that it takes before crypto can guarantee that your transactions can’t be altered.

Avalanche can guarantee that your transactions stay put within two seconds of you calling it in, which is absolutely insane.

Avalanche recently took over the Dogecoin to achieve the 10th spot in the biggest cryptos by market cap. It also raised over 230 million dollars in September from investors and created their own 220 million dollars fund, called Blizzard to support projects on their platform.

The primary reason why Avalanches value skyrocketed in the past month is because of the recent announcement that financial giant Deloitte would team-up with Avalanche to use its blockchain technology to construct disaster relief platforms.

This update is huge for Avalanche as a validation of the projects competitive advance, as the fastest and most reliable smart contracts platform.

Considering the insane growth that Avalanche has experienced in its lifetime, from few dollars in 2020 to well over a $100 today.

This definitely is a coin that should be on your watch list and one that I will be buying more.


Second in List:

  • Second coin in our list of “Top Altcoins to Buy Now”, we’re talking about is Polkadot ticker DOT, It is an open-source blockchain based platform that relies on the dot token so that users can govern the people. Also new blockchains called pair chains can be added to the platform right now.

On below chart you can see that one year ago Polkadot was trading around $ 5 dollar a coin and it shot up starting January of this year, levelling out back in the middle of the year. Since July the price has increased from around $10 dollars to where it is right now.

Top Altcoins to Buy Now
Source: Tradingview

The current market cap is about $38.5 Billion which is down about two percent.

SIMETRI score of Polkadot is a B grade and the TokenInsight Rating is currently a BBB .

Source : CoinMarketCap

Polkadot is particularly special because its platform offers interoperability and cross blockchain transfers between different blockchains.

The project accomplishes this by implementing pair chains that allow transactions to be executed in parallel instead of sequentially.

Polkadot has a bunch of smaller versions of blockchains running in parallel and hence the name of pair chains.

Top Altcoins to Buy
Source : Polkadot

Polkadot is about unifying an army of blockchain which look like dots from a far, into a single, secure and scalable network.

The project is also 100% open-source meaning that the code behind the network is open in public for anyone to read and contribute to.

Polkadot is already one of the largest cryptos in the world before it can even exhibit its capabilities.

It’s definitely one that you consider for your portfolio.


Third in List:

  • Third on the “Top Altcoins to Buy Now” list is Stellar – ticker XLM . Stellar is an open-source decentralized platform, launched in 2014 that relies on its token known as LUMENS.

This coin has been pretty much moving sideways for the last few months. We can see that three months ago we were just about know same price.

Top Altcoins to Buy
Source: Tradingview

We have a market dominance of 0.1% and the market rank of 26. The current market cap is going to be just over $8 billion dollars.

The current SIMETRI rating is C+ and the TokenInsight rating is BB Stable.

Source : CoinMarketCap

Stellar basically unifies different currencies from around the globe into one single digital platform. That way people can transfer money and execute transactions across boards with fast speeds and for low fees.

Top Altcoins to Buy
Source: Stellar

Now you might be wondering, this sounds a lot like Ripple. So what really sets Stellar apart from Ripple?

The biggest difference between the two is the market that they target. While Stellar wants to accommodate individuals, Ripple is more focused on partnering with banks.

However, it seems like Stellar is becoming the newly preferred currencies platform for its decentralized platform and non-profit label, not to mention the lawsuit that Ripple has been facing recently.

In fact, about two months ago, digital payments company MoneyGram announced its partnership with the Stellar Development Foundation to use blockchain technology so that cash can be quickly converted into digital tokens, allowing for much faster, more streamlined and more secure transactions to take place within the MoneyGram network.

Compare this to when you’re using a credit card oversees. Typically, transaction fees will equate to somewhere between 1 to 3 percent of the amount of money you spent. So that’s like when you spend a $1000 on vacation, you’re basically paying $10- $30 in fees.

I think STELLAR is addressing a very appropriate and timely issue and shows a competitive advantages in its niche. I’ll definitely be watching this coin for the rest of the year and adding more to my portfolio.


Fourth in List:

  • Next upon our list of “Top Altcoins to Buy Now” is Solana – ticker SOL . Solana is a public blockchain platform that relies on its SOL token for payment transactions on the Solana network.

So right now, when Salona is trading at $208. If you take a look at the three-month price chart, we can see that three months ago we were sitting at about $80 per coin, really jumped up to around $210 coin slowly went back down and since then it has gradually gone up.

Top Altcoins to Buy
Source: Tradingview

The market dominance is 2.3%, with a market rank of 5, and the total market cap right now is about $63 Billion.

SIMETRI rating is B grade and the TokenInsight rating is BBB.

Source : CoinMarketCap

Solana considers itself the fastest blockchain in the world, able to handle 50000 transactions per second, which dwarfs the transaction throughput of other cryptos out there.

The project offers a platform for construction and development of decentralized applications based on smart contracts, and it implements both a proof of stake and a proof of history protocol which basically maximizes speed, security and certainty of transactional history.

Solana is widely considered to be a long term competitor for Ethereum.

For starters, the network has its own market place called Solanart, which is a hub where users can buy and sell popular NFTs.

Salona’s influence in the market continues to grow, users can constantly be reminded of the fact that Solana has higher speeds and lower fees than Ethereum

This makes Solana a more appealing platform that offers similar functions and use cases.

Another reason why Solana is so appealing is because it’s being recognized and accepted by many companies as legitimately powerful crypto of the future.

Osprey Funds, an online digital investment firm, created Osprey Solana Trust, so users and investors can access their own share of tokens.

Top Altcoins to Buy Now
Source : OspreySolanaTrust

This coin increased by around 12000% in the year 2021, which is just absolutely ridiculous. What’s even crazier to think is that its growth rate may only be precursor for the platform’s true potential. It’s a young project that is giving Ethereum and other smart contracts based cryptos a run for their money. For that reason it’s included on the list of top Altcoin list to buy.


Fifth in list:

  • Last in our list of “Top Altcoins to Buy Now” is Cardano -Ticker ADA . Cardano is an open-source public blockchain platform launched in 2015 by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson.

The platform relies on its native token as a means of securing and exchanging value without a third party.

Below Chart shows how the movement of Cardano has been in the last 1 Year.

Top Altcoins
Source: Tradingview

The current market cap right now is about $55.36 Billion.

SIMETRI is rating Cardano as C grade and the token insight rating is BBB.

Source : CoinMarketCap

Cardano is special and important in the timeline of cryptocurrencies because it was one of the first to implement a proof of stake protocol to ensure a faster and environmentally friendlier means of mining tokens.

Furthermore, the project has proved itself to be perfectly scalable platform with its implementation of the Ouroboros system that nominates nodes to be slot leaders.

Source : Cardano

The larger the network, the more slots it will create, the more people managing the system and the faster the system will be to accommodate a larger number of users.

Many people in the Cardano community and the larger Crypto community are bullish on Cardano for several reasons.

For starters, the crypto launched on Bitstamp, Europe’s largest crypto exchange, on November 24th.

Cardano is set on making a larger appearance and presence in the European crypto market. I think that Cardano is a great project that everyone should do more research on.


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