This application of blockchain technology has seen an incredible rise in popularity in the last couple of years and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. These Stocks in the list of “Best NFT Stocks” are a great way to venture into this new market, so definitely consider getting on board. We could get one in a million.

Best NFT Stocks

Whether it’s stamps, coins, art records, or autographs, collectibles offer people a way to stand out in a world of global mass production and NFTs are the latest digital asset to the party.

Using blockchain technology, a limited number of NFTs can be made and auctioned off to the highest bidder via cryptocurrency, and this industry has seen some excellent growth in the last year or two.

We’re here to give you the breakdown of the best NFTS to buy right now, so let’s get into it.

Best NFT Stocks to Buy Now:

  • First up on our list is premium content development company Dolphin Entertainment Inc – Ticker DLPN. It is one of the biggest names in the NFT space. Right now, the company aid brands in the development and marketing of their own NFTs and have even begun the development of their own marketplace alongside FTXWS. Dolphin Stock has seen an astronomical rise since April off the back of the NFTs bandwagon, and their most recent earnings report has exceeded analyst expectations.

NFTs are just one facet of their entertainment and marketing business, so this could be a stable bet for investors.

Although NFTs can be anything from audio files to digital tickets, the art markets has taken particular interest in the application of NFTs . Another one in our list is from Art Market Space

  • TAKUNG Art Co – Ticker TKAT have begun dipping their brush in the water, dealing primarily in paintings, physical sculptures, and jewelry. Investor interest in this stock is purely speculative, but hopes for the company to adopt the blockchain technology for their transactions are high and this could see an increase in their share price. This is a high risk option, but could pay off if investors are willing to van go the extra mile.

Back End of NFTs are targeted for futures and involved Complex structures helping Blockchain systems, Next up in our list is a stock that deals with the complex back end of NFTs.

  • Cloudflare is a tech company that focuses on Web infrastructure and security tools, and whilst they wouldn’t normally be considered an NFT, their services are proving extremely helpful to those who want to sell NFT online.

Originally designed for video publication creators can use the platform to upload their content securely and their stock price reflects their popularity. This one is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Another one in our List is from a very new space that’s rising like a raging bull and should be considered in the stock list.

  • One company looking to move into the NFT space in the future is collectible toy manufacturer Funko INC – Ticker FNKO. Known primarily for their Funko Pops, Bobblehead Figurines and unique apparel, the company frequently releases new designs featuring characters from Marvel, Disney and Harry Potter.

Their interest in NFTs has opened up speculation around the kind of digital products the company could offer, and there’s plenty of scope, which has got investors excited. Funko’s latest quarter fiscal posts saw huge revenue increases and the company be analysts, EPS and net income expectations handily. The future potential of this stock could make it a great one to add to any investment portfolio.

Next up is a Canadian company that provides strategic marketing and development services for video games, film and television.

  • Liquid Media Group -Ticker YVR is on a mission to help creators monetize their content, and NFTs can be the natural next step for the company. They currently run two platforms that allows for the distribution of content and streaming services. Their advent into NFTs is where the true value could lie. And although currently a speculative investment, the untapped potential could see another spike in their stock price. A recent partnership with Atari could be the catalyst Liquid needed to enter the space, and investors will be hoping to capitalize on this newfound chemistry.

The final stock on our list of “Best NFT Stocks” is more of a household name that’s recently ventured into the NFT space

  • Shopify. Ticket SHOP is an ecommerce giant and is one of the world’s largest platforms for online purchases and merchant services, and their stock has made significant gains in the last few years. They recently added NFT support to their platform, which is a huge step for both creators and consumers and will likely help bring the technology further into the mainstream. The company already secured an NFT distribution deal with NBA team the Chicago Bulls, and this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

These stocks are a great way to venture into this new market of NFTs, so definitely consider getting on board. We could get one in a million and can bring a fortune to you.

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