It turns out that Kiyosaki is predicting a crypto crash so massive that it’s going to destroy dozens of projects and potentially cause a historic decline in the price of Bitcoin. On June 19, Kiyosaki tweeted biggest bubble in world history, getting bigger, biggest crash in world history coming buying more gold and silver waiting for Bitcoin to drop to 24K. Crashes are the best time to get rich. This comes as a shock to many because earlier this year Kiyosaki had been pretty bullish about crypto. The man had even predicted in April that the price of Bitcoin would surge to $1.2 million in five years, noting the increased money printing by the government excessive stimulus and the devaluation of the US dollar would give Bitcoin a golden ticket. Lets understand “Will Crypto Bubble Burst” better below.

So why would Kiyosaki suddenly shift his stance on Bitcoin in the crypto game? Why is he so confident that Bitcoin will crash to 24,000 soon?

Kiyosaki has a very unorthodox way of looking at the market, and you can tell by some of his polarizing and at times entertaining tweets he posts. Take, for example, his tweet he wrote on June 17, “what did school teach you about money? I don’t know about you, but for me, I learned nothing about money in school” . Kiyosaki is basically taking a shot at the conventional system and the way we learn how money works with a radical mindset like this, he’s bound to be very critical of any financial structure, and he doesn’t give a hoot whether it’s centralized or decentralized.

Will Crypto Bubble Burst

But then again, Kiyosaki has mentioned that the crash could have a silver lining. As he writes, crashes are the best time to get rich. But what does he mean by this? Well, we have to look at Kiyosaki’s previous comments about Bitcoin and the federal government to understand just what he’s talking about. On May 30, he tweeted Bitcoin crashing. So Will Crypto Bubble Burst based on this.

Great news. When price hits 27,000, I may start buying again. Lot will depend upon global macro environment. Remember, the problem is not gold, silver or Bitcoin problems are the incompetence in government Fed and Wall Street. Remember, gold was $300 in 2000 and November of 2020.

He also tweeted this Bitcoin boom beating gold and silver. What does that mean? It means you better buy as much as you can. Now train is moving. Dollar dying, silver still affordable for everyone as dollar crash is what counts is not price, but how many coins of gold, silver or Bitcoin you own?

Okay, it might seem like Kiyosaki’s prediction on crypto are all over the place. But if you pay close attention to what he’s really talking about, you’ll see that there’s a consistent theme. The issue isn’t the currency, it’s the government. You see, the predicted crypto crash is causing many investors to pull out. It’s a classic case of getting out while the going is still good.

But for Kiyosaki, investing in Bitcoin couldn’t come at a more perfect time. He is encouraging anyone and everyone to invest. Now, according to Kiyosaki, it’s not currencies like gold, silver and Bitcoin that are the issue. It’s the federal government’s response to them. Heck, it’s how they handle money altogether.

In previous years, Kiyosaki has talked about how the United States dollar has been weakened by irrational financial decisions made by the federal government. He warns that people should purchase more gold, silver and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Why? Because the way the world is going, there won’t be a reason to print money in the near future. Say goodbye to the Fiat system.

Kiyosaki also believes investments in digital currencies could cut down government operational costs and printing money. It’s no doubt expensive to print money in circulation for more than 300 million Americans. And once the government accepts this, then cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will rise in value again. That’s why he thinks this crash is the perfect time to scale up your investments in the coin. Is this insane, or could there be a method?

Kiyosaki’s madness? You see, there’s no denying that the value of the US dollar took some serious hits during the COVID-19 pandemic. The economy is still on shaky legs and millions of people have lost their jobs and their livelihood. Kiyosaki is urging people to invest in cryptocurrency because it could be a ticket to a better life. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have even gained approval from governments and other financial institutions around the world as a feasible payment method.

So anyone who is willing to purchase Bitcoin during this massive crash could probably reap the fruits of their investment six to seven years in the future. Kiyosaki has even gone on record to say that he will buy Bitcoin once the price falls to 24,000. Kiyosaki likens this crypto crash to the classic case of the investor versus the businessman, something that he has discussed numerous times in his best-selling book, The Investor is someone who sees potential in something and banks on it. Even while it’s depreciating, he is looking at the future and being patient.

Then we have the businessman, a person that’s in it for a quick buck, someone who rarely invests in something that matures over time.

That’s why we’re seeing a lot of businessmen jumping ship from Bitcoin because its value is plummeting. Turns out they were only in it for the quick cash. As a self-proclaimed real investor, Kiyosaki urges Bitcoin traders who are on the edge to remain patient and positive. It’s quite common for a currency to experience ups and downs as it attempts to establish itself. The US Dollar’s own history hasn’t been too rosy from the Great Depression to the housing crash.

It’s had its fair share of bumps along the way. In fact, in a number of interviews, Kiyosaki has even admitted that the main reason for his intention to purchase Bitcoin in large amounts right now is to rescue the dying dollar. His objective is not to make huge profits now, but to reap the fruits once the dollar finally loses ground. While Kiyosaki’s moves are quite bold and to some extent admirable, we have to remember that the dollar is one of the strongest currencies in the world. Yes, it might be losing its value, but it is still very resilient and supported by the federal government, one of the strongest financial institutions in the world.

However, Kiyosaki is still confident that despite the ongoing crypto crash, Bitcoin business will bounce back in the future. His comments come amidst rumours that the federal government actually played a hand in taking Bitcoin’s value because they feared the dollar was facing tough competition. So what if Kiyosaki’s bullish predictions on Bitcoin don’t come to pass, and Bitcoin continues to tank even further? Well, he reiterates that those who invest now during the crash will easily cut their losses if it doesn’t work out. They’ll have spent less compared to those who bought Bitcoin at its peak simply for its resale value.

But this is not the first time that Kiyosaki has been very vocal about an impending crypto crash and Bitcoin. In 2017, he tried to purchase the coin but lost interest due to personal reasons. The value of Bitcoin at the time was $22,000. However, his interest was piqued once more when the coronavirus pandemic struck. As the Pandemic ravaged financial institutions and governments around the world, he saw the vision of a stabilized financial market through Bitcoin. So Will Crypto Bubble Burst based on all the assumptions.

At the height of the pandemic, several governments were rushing to print more money in order to cushion and sustain their economies during the lockdown. This flooding of cash into the economy actually led to inflation and unemployment rates going through the roof, something that did not impress Kiyosaki. At the same time, Bitcoin remained relatively stable during the pandemic, even surging in value. But as global economies regain their footing once more, Kiyosaki believes that federal governments and financial institutions are working behind the scenes to disrupt the cryptocurrency market and gain footing once more.

Take, for example, the words of an anticrypto investor, Jim Rogers, who in 2020 explicitly mentioned that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should not get in the ways of government and financial institutions.

Otherwise they would face elimination from the market. According to Rogers, the only reason that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin continue to operate is because they are decentralized and therefore can run their operations from anywhere in the world. As for Kiyosaki, who supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, his advice to federal governments is this stop flooding the economy with money. Not only is it disrupting global markets but also affecting well-structured, decentralized platforms like Bitcoin and that’s making people tired. They are now looking at decentralized currencies as their way out from the harsh conditions of a weakening dollar.

Even if an impending crash is on its way, the question is, then, will the federal government heed Kiyosaki strong and radical comments? A few investors have lent the financial guru a listening ear, but we’re hard pressed to see whether they will act upon what he said in the rare event that they do accept some of the proposals he’s mentioned. We might just see the economy take a turn for the better. The likes of Bitcoin and Gold will, for sure, surge in value and decentralization might just harmonize aspects of financial security and equal investment opportunities for all.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what will happen in the next couple of years whether Will Crypto Bubble Burst.

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