Before we go to our Top 3 Algo Trading Software in India , Let us understand what is Algo Trading and why it is getting popular among Traders.

What is an Algo Trading.

Algo Trading is program based trading . These types of trading’s are done by software’s which are fitted with historical data. This Historical Data of Stock Prices and Orders are seeded to system which they get from different types of sources e.g. NSE . It is then used to do Technical Analysis , Stock Price Predictions and Taking Trades through Predefined Rules set up using AI&ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) Programs.

Machine Learning Programs are used to do Technical Analysis Parameters which when triggered will take the Trade. Trades sometime go in thousand of numbers when multiple technical parameters and indicators are triggered.

Algo Trading has its own Pros and Cons. Lets see few important ones:

Pros :

  • With Algo Trading Human Emotions are completely parted away from trading . No Strings Attached while taking Trades.
  • Algo Trading Provides large No of trade for Experienced Traders handling Large Trades.
  • Algo Trading helps do all the work done by traders , Only Thing Trader has to do is Technical Analysis before confirming trades.
  • Most of Algo Trading Software’s provide Back Testing which help check their authentication on their trades.


  • Algo Trading’s major negativity is its breakdown of Services. It’s a software and there can be breakdown to services anytime due to system glitches.
  • Algo Trading involves High Speed Trading which can bring high losses in Trades.
  • When Market Volatility increases, it’s difficult for software’s to works because market then works on sentiments and not data.

Top 3 Algo Trading Software :

  1.  Zerodha’s algoZ : This Software is a Technical Analysis based “Algo Suite”.

Using this Software you can write your strategy and back test it to see if it would have made money . When you have decided you can take the strategy live semi-automated.

     Advantages of algoZ

  • It offers low latency since it is integrated directly into Zerodha Trading Portal.
  • Spot on to execution. Whenever your strategy presents an opportunity, you will have an  option to either execute automatically by or manually place the order.
  • AlgoZ is Free of Cost to professional traders using Trading Portal.

     2.  AlgoTrader : This is second in list of Algo Trading Software’s . AlgoTraders uses Esper Engine which allows it to handle Complex Event Processing at high speeds. It can handle multiple large trades at ease.

    Advantages of AlgoTrader:

  • The software is highly customizable.
  • The architecture of AlgoTraders uses latest Esper Engine which helps it handle large no of trades at very high Speeds.
  • There is a special Support team who will help you in case of any issues.

3. RoboTrade : This is a traditional ML Based platform that provides you Trades at very high Success Rates and at high speeds.

   Advantages of RoboTrade:

  • A trader can place trades automatically or manually through RoboTrade.
  • Order execution time is less than 1 second.
  • A trader can execute his/her own strategies here.
  • This system uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to generate Trade Ideas.
  • RoboTrade claims their trading has a 95% success rate.

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